UI Framework Fragement Docs

I’m currently trying to build a very simple UI for a module I’ve been toying with, but I’m hitting a dead end trying to find all the fragments available to me in the uicommons module, as well as any form of documentation as to what each fragment does and how to put the batteries in it. Does anybody know of anything that may be of help without having to trawl through source?

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Going forward, our recommendation is open web apps. Did you get a chance to look at these resources?




I have looked at OWA’s, and parts of this app will certainly be OWA once I’ve finished arguing with React and Redux (I always forget how much I despise JS), I may well create another thread about best practice there as there doesn’t seem to be much guidance on the openmrs-react-components library, but that should be separated out for searchability.

Parts of this however will still need to be UI Framework based, they ideally need a summary on the clinical facing patient dashboard, so any extra pointers related to that would be welcomed.

It may be easier to start by sharing some details in regards to the exact portion of the user interface that you want to modify or extend. If you have any screenshots, that will be awesome.

To answer this original question, no this is not document anywhere besides browsing the code.

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