UgandaEMR Form Design Review

This is a video of a review of UgandaEMR form which is consistent with the design approaches for OpenMRS 3.x based micro-frontends but which can be used to improve the overall flow of existing implementations

Do leave your comments on the video as a way of sharing what you have learnt through the process

(Length: 12 min)


Thanks for sharing this @ssmusoke! Very much agreed with the UX pointers he shares throughout the video. It’s wonderful to be having more discussions in OMRS around good UX - so, thank you!! :tada:

Agreed as well re. the overlap with many goals and themes in 3.x. e.g. The single column layout in forms, for example. Here’s some additional thoughts FWIW:

Reminds me of the nice forms design work coming together from the UCSF OHRI team & MF Squad (see all designs here in Zeplin, or at this link here for those who don’t have/need Zeplin access); screenshot below for quick reference) - notice the single column view, and left side form navigation.

We’ve also followed a similar strategy of keeping consistent structural areas throughout the app, using this layout:

I see the history of this initiative in this twitter thread here: If Victor’s interested in contributing to our design work, let me know and I can onboard him to some of our UX/Product processes :slight_smile: