Uganda 2016 Implementers' Conference Scholarship

Are you in need of financial assistance in order to attend the 2016 Implementers’ Conference in Kampala, Uganda? We can help! Please review our criteria and fill out the application form here! Be sure to get your application in ASAP.

Let me know if you have any questions!


@jeffneiman Thanks for this opportunity, however this form seem to be catering for people who are coming from out of Uganda(Kampala), what about us who are in Kampala and who desire to be sponsored in order to attend the conference ? Thanks.

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hello Hillary, thanks for pointing that out!

Please use N/A in the fields that aren’t relevant to you, such as the departure and arrival cities. We encourage you to use the housing provided by Speke, but if you are arranging otherwise then please do the same with your housing requirements.

Hope that helps!!!

@jeffneiman Thanks very much this actually helps.

Thank you Jeff for the info