Uganda 2016: an update

Hi everyone,

I’ve just got off a call with the Uganda team. Here’s an update on the Uganda implementers meeting preparations.

  • Preparations for Uganda 2016 are now underway, and progressing extremely well.
  • The team is interested in pursuing a semi-unconference format - that is, some pre-determined sessions based on urgent regional needs, plus time allocations for daily unconference sessions
  • And yes, we are having site visits and a hackathon. This will be exciting.


  • Organizers are hoping to see as many of you attend as possible! they also want you to lead some of the pre-determined sessions based on your domain expertise
  • Funding for travel scholarships - I’ve asked the organizers to write up a value proposition for the conference, and the importance of attending it: perhaps we could forward it to the right people for funding? @terry, is this something that Michael Healy can help with? fundraising for all sorts of travel (and not just the Uganda event) would be important, i believe…

I added a site-wide banner – We can use it for any announcements we need to make. It’s clean and stays out of the way :slight_smile:

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suranga, thanks for the update. I will follow up with Michael Healy to see if he can work with the Uganda team on this.

can we move this off of private leadership?

I moved it.

thanks Robby