Type of Inpatient Service 161630 vs Department

The Coded Question 161630 has nine coded answers currently (attached screen shot, e.g. Surgical Service 161623, General Medical Service 161627, etc). Two questions related to how we should go about adding additional services as coded answers to this Coded Question:

  1. Do we need to create a new concept for each “service”, even if there is a corresponding “department” that has a CIEL ID? (e.g. CIEL includes concepts for both “Surgical service” 161623 and “General Surgery department “160449, but does not have a corresponding “Obstetrics and Gynecology Service” ID# to the “Obstetrics and Gynecology Department” 160456. To have an OB or OB/GYN service, should we request a new CIEL ID for OB/GYN service, or can we use 160456?
  2. Am I correct in assuming that, because a Coded datatype allows answers to be only those provided, that we would need to submit additional possible coded answers for consideration in CIEL for coded datatype questions? (e.g. if we want to add “OB/GYN service” as a possible answer to the Coded datatype concept “Type of Inpatient Service 161630”.)?

@akanter - any thoughts on this question? Thanks!

It depends what you need to use them for. There are value sets which look for environments or locations within the health care setting… and those should use the department concepts. If you want to identify the group of people, then you probably do need to have a service concept.

You do not have to submit answers that are existing coded concepts. You can apply any coded concept as an answer to a coded question. It is somewhat easier to leverage the coded answers to a question, but best practice would be to ensure that the UI specifies the choices regardless to ensure consistency.

Thanks! Very helpful. We will submit those needed as services. And thanks for the clarification on coded answers to questions.