Two Headings for same Language

I had been translating OpenMRS to Hindi language in transifex recently where I noticed two headings for Hindi language one being Hindi and other Hindi(India).

This confused me because Hindi is not differernt in different parts of the world as English is (UK and US and Australian). Most of the contributions done under the Hindi heading with few contributions to Hindi(India).

This cause the efforts put by the contributors to spread and is not efficient. This is an issue with Russian language as well which can be explained better by @lana :grin:.

I’d also like to point out that there are too many strings unreviewed. Not strings have been reviewed since June, July being an exception with 7 reviewed strings.

Looking forward to contributing more in translation :smiley: Thank you!

CC: @r0bby @jwnasambu @reubenv @c.antwi

@bisht13 Yes, same thing for Russian. However, I believe the problem is in Transifex itself. There’re lots of options for Russian while registering, such as Russian (Ukraine), Russian (Russia) etc. I don’t think there’s any way to fix it from OpenMRS side, it’s just something Transifex needs to be concerned about.

No @lana I think there should be a dedicated page of OpenMRS asking which language one wants to contribute in. From that page, contributors can be redirected to Transifex instead of manually choosing language in Transifex. I hope I’m making my point clear.:grin:

Not only Hindi and Russian, but many other languages have multiple headings. You can check them here: multiple headings. It really isn’t an issue of OpenMRS but of Transifex itself.

You can contact transifex here if this issue concerns you.

@satvikshri some languages need different headings like English :slight_smile:. So I think they did a great work there. Right now from OpenMRS’s end we can redirect contributors to Transifex correspondingly.

@bisht13 @lana you guys could review the strings if no one has done it.All you need is fluency in that language.That’s your contribution.

@tendomart I’d love to review the existing strings and contribute more. Hindi is my mother tongue so no problem there. But I don’t fullfil the criteria. Though the Wiki page states that I can ask for permission from Talk, so…

Can I be a reviewer for Hindi language?:blush:

My Transifex ID: aditya13

Thanks! I thought I needed to be approved to do it. Wiki page looks quite confusing towards this thing. Do we need to have that second requirement on Wiki at all then?