Two administration panels in OpenMRS?

In the OpenMRS version, at you can encounter an error related to the duality of the system administration panel.



How to get to the first one? Click “System Administration” on the home panel:

How to find the second? Enter the first one as above. Then select “Manage Modules”, “Manage Scheduler” or “System Information”:

Then click “SysAdmin”:

Panel differences:


Is it correct that there are two panels or is it a bug?

At the moment I am unable to run the version compiled from the master branch, everything was done on the version, so I don’t know if the version from the master branch also has this problem.

@sacull what errors did you get when you tried to run the one compiled from the master branch?

I can’t check it on the master version, not because there are errors, but because on the computer I’m working on today, I can’t install the compiler. :wink:

That’s why I mentioned that I observed the above case in the demo version, maybe someone can recreate it in a different version.

Cannot do? mvn jetty:run :slight_smile:

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Today I have a computer without administrator rights. No JDK, Maven or Git installation possible. Forgive me. Today I only have access to the demo versions.

By the way, the version behaves the same.

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This looks to me like an bug in the SysAdmin OWA. More exactly, when you browse to the initial page in the RefApp, you hit this URL:

This is the defined in the systemadministration app of the Core Apps module. When you click on other applications there that use the standard RefApp AppFramework, you get appropriate links, e.g., the “Manage Global Properties” button takes you to this url:

Which is defined in another module, but uses the standard AppFramework so you get the breadcrumbs as expected.

However, when you launch any of the URLs provided by the SysAdmin OWA: Manage Modules, Manage Scheduler, System Information, and the (hidden) Live Log Viewer, the “breadcrumb” becomes setup by the SysAdmin OWA so when you click the SysAdmin link it takes you to this page instead:

Which only knows about the applications defined inside the SysAdmin OWA.