Trying To Work on Issue

Hi @everyone , Whenever I am trying to Work on the specific issue in the Project There comes Many methods that get held When I push some changes and it don’t run? How to work on a specific issue can you advice me something?

Oh sorry! for this case which project are you referring to? Besides, do you mind sharing the error logs in your terminal using pastebin please!

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Okay I will share it where I am Stuck!

Besides , I will encourage you to use mvn clean install instead of mvn clean package , though both commands will clean by removing the target folder but they are different:

mvn clean package will compile your code and also package it. For example, if your pom says the project is a jar, it will create a jar for you when you package it and put it somewhere in the target directory by default.

mvn clean install will not only compile and package, but it will also put the package in your local repository. This will make it so other projects can refer to it and grab it from your local repository.

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