Trying to resolve merge conflict on TRUNK-5115

I have tried to pull master and compared a couple of files and i can see that they are different on my local machine from what is on github. Please help @dkayiwa, @ibacher, @teleivo

@gracebish can drop the pull request here to

@gracebish this means that some work has been merged so you need to update your branch with local changes git --rebase origin/master. However if you still blocked , this can help you resolving merge conflicts

Thanks @sharif. I tried to do all that but failed.

Thanks. This is the link to the pull request.

Kindly remove the whitespaces on your PR or else you are bound to get the git conflict.

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the conflicts are coming from



you can look into these classes and see which new changes in HEAD were merged and include them locally

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hello @gracebish, where you able to resolve the conflicts ?

I am trying my best

@gracebish do u mind joining in here and see how fix that

Thanks @gcliff. I am done now trying to squash my commits.

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@gracebish you may ignore the squashing of the commits as per resolution here RFC: Favour not squashing commits over squashing commits

Thanks very much for the support. i keep following

@gcliff, I was caught up in the middle of squashing commits when you sent the message. I have tried to read about undoing the final squashed commits without affecting the history but still stranded. Kindly advise

There are some comments by @teleivo on this PR on how to sort out the issue. Just try out the steps closely and share the output.

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@gracebish kindly have a look at the suggestions @teleivo proposed to simply things