Trying out "Ask OpenMRS"

On my first try with Ask OpenMRS, I already found a couple warts.

  • People have been trained by JIRA to put everything on the same level, so comments are frequently entered as answers.

  • Unlike OSQA, I don’t see a way to convert an answer into a comment or vice versa.

  • For some reason, comments don’t use rich text, so there’s no preview feature and any macros are rendered as plain text without being interpreted.

  • I didn’t see an option to edit a comment. My only option was to delete it.

Not a great first impression. OSQA 1, Atlassian Ask 0.

Hi Burke. You are correct that the platform still has room for improvement. Fortunately, there have been more improvements in the last month than OSQA received in the last year. :slight_smile:

This is currently in the queue for the next software release by Atlassian.

Please vote for this improvement at:

Please vote for this improvement at:

What do we loose by having everything as an answer? Just as it is in JIRA? I once in a while look here: To check for questions without responses such that i can try answering. So i open a number of questions with 0 answers but only to find comments waiting for a response from the original post. I some times just give up continuing and resume with whatever i was doing. I would get more motivated if i could see a list of questions that need attention. May be i just do not know yet how to use this tool. :smiley:

@dkayiwa, don’t worry too much about if something is an answer or a comment for now. We will have moderation tools (that allow conversion between the two) soon with the version 2 release of the platform.

It’s more important to just make sure people are getting responses to their questions. :slight_smile:

By design, just like in stackoverflow, an answer should be an answer to the question and not just part of a threaded discussion.

You could try providing an answer that tries to answer their question and makes clear where information is missing – e.g., “Without knowing which version of OpenMRS you are running, I will assume OpenMRS 1.9.” – instead of just making a comment asking which version they are running. If/when they supply the additional information and it varies from your assumption(s), you could revise your answer or someone else could provide one based on the additional information.

By the way, if there is an incomplete question that isn’t clear, or it doesn’t have all the necessary information, you should “down vote” it. :slight_smile: :thumbsdown: