TRUNK-5208 error log

Hallo guys I am working on this ticket I have changed the older version to 1.8.4-SNAPSHOT and the newer version to 1.8.4 in both and to reproduce. But while trying to run the mvn clean package test i am getting this error log. How can I fix it or what could be the problem. @herbert24 @jwnasambu @k.joseph

put the full error logs on paste bin and drop them here, they are partial

Ohhh sorry about that

Is your repo clean? i mean without any local changes.

i had reset hard all changes to upstream

I want to assume you made some changes on a repository and it looks like you’ve messed up everything and you wish to start it again from scratch, using the current upstream/master as the base for your work. (Kindly feel free to correct me!)kindly follow the following steps:

Let’s add original repo’s to our fork as a remote.

git remote add original

Now let’s fetch the original repo to make sure we have the latest coded

git fetch original

Switch to master branch by running

git checkout master

Now to bring our fork up to speed with the latest code on original repo, all we have to do is hard reset our master branch in accordance with the original remote.

git reset --hard original/master