TRUNK-4868 Setting a deathdate does not call setDead()

Hello @ryan97 @dkayiwa, @wyclif, @raff , I need your guidance on this issue, on this wiki page ( the issue is indicated to have been marked complete but have open pull requests . Is there still work being done on the issue?

Thank you.

Can you share links to the open pull requests for that ticket?

@dkayiwa I don’t think it’s this one but just look at this wiki page The challenge it’s the only ticket that shows some work is still being done on it. What could be the reason for the warning as per this wiki page

This link seems to show that there’s 1 open pull request on this Ticket

Can you give the link to the open pull request?

I can’t find the link to the open pull request but from the link I posted above, it indicates that there’s 1 open pull request on that ticket,

I have looked at the link, but i do not yet understand what you mean by it shows there is one open pull request. Can you say exactly what it is, or give a screenshot of it?

I have taken the screen shot and circled the part of the open pull request I’m talking about,

Two more snapshots.

Click on that pull request link. Then follow it up to see if the pull request is actually still open.

When I click on it, it brings the 3rd snapshot. :slight_smile:

If i follow it further this is where it leads me. And this indicates that the pull request was closed I think. Now if it was closed, my question is, Why does it still show that there’s an open pull request??

Good question. It could be that JIRA has not yet refreshed, a bug in JIRA, or something else that i do not know yet.

How do I follow it up to see that this status changes, or is it beyond my scope? It is the only ticket pending completion.

Is the ticket closed and pull request closed? If yes, that is all you need.

Ok. fine. Thanks.