TRUNK-4655 is missing in github

I’m working on an issue but couldn’t found a way to creat a pull request coz the issue isn’t available in GitHub. Can you Guide me how can I add the code. I’m attaching the issue name . Thank you “Add openmrs-core and Standalone 2. module messages to transifex”

hi @imrakesh

Ticketing with ref to TRUNK basically refers to OpenMRS core. Specifically you need to look around here;

Not sure if this is still relevant

cc// @dkayiwa @darius @ibacher

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yes I’ve seen the file but how do i creat a pull request for this?

what changes have you made?

Am not certain if you are facing the same problem I have just solved. I was blocked because of this error LibreSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to and I solved by running brew update-reset to fetch and reset Homebrew as well as tap all repositories.

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maybe the issue was fixed and removed but its still active on . thank you everyone, i’ll focus on a different issue

Kindly is this the issue [TRUNK-4655] Add openmrs-core and Standalone 2.x module messages to transifex - OpenMRS Issues you are referring too? If yes, kindly test to confirm the issue is fixed and ping a senior dev with evidence and request to close the ticket and if not fixed you are at liberty to proceed with the fix.

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