Trouble installing modules with 2.9.0

Hi all, Ive done a fresh install of 2.9.0 which works fine until i try to install the modules. Error log:

(Thanks Ben)…

Can you paste the error log at and then edit your post to replace the stack trace with the appropriate pastebin link?

Hi Daniel,

Regards, Ben

Can you edit your original post and replace the log with the paste link?

Not a problem. Done.

When you say a fresh install of 2.9.0 which works fine, that should already have the modules. So which other modules are you trying to install?

The WAR deploys fine and I can login. I then copy the add on modules to the .OpenMRS/modules directory and restart Tomcat.

This is when I get the error. If I delete the modules and restart tomcat I can log in again.

I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 (this version has worked in the past)Tomcat 7 and Java 8.x

Hi Ben. Please ensure that the requirements of different modules ( platform requirements and other module requirements) you are adding are satisfied as given in description of module.

Thank you. I will double check today to make sure.

Hi @aman and @dkayiwa Thank you again for your help. I finally got a chance to look at this again and it end up being my Virtual Machine for some reason that was causing the problem. I’ve installed it on my live system and it installed perfectly.

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Thanks for updating us!