Travis CI limits for public repositories

Hello everyone,

@bistenes brought this to our attention.

Is someone capable of checking if we are currently under or over that limit pretty please? :smiley:

I’ve just had a brief look, there seems to be no single place where we can check usages for the entire org (or I don’t have access to it). However, per the Travis CI Blog, if we’re using GitHub Marketplace, we shouldn’t be affected by the pricing change.

The upcoming pricing change will not affect those of you who are:

  • Building on the Travis CI 1, 2 and 5 concurrency job plans who are building on Linux, Windows and experimental FreeBSD environments.
  • GitHub Marketplace plans
  • Grouped Accounts
  • Enterprise customers (not building in our cloud environments)
  • Builders on our premium or manual plans. Contact the Travis CI support team for more information.

The blog post and also has some other confusing information. Namely, as far as I understand we will be switched over to the “Trial Plan” and the 10,000 credits (1,000 minutes in a linux environment) will not be replenished automatically and we’ll need to apply for more credits or a scheduled renewal.

There isn’t a limit per month, but a limit of 10,000 credits for our account that can be refilled by applying to Travis.

To clear it up, I’ve sent in a support ticket to Travis asking about our organisation and the new pricing changes. Hopefully we’ll hear back soon.

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Yeah, that blog post is I think very unhelpfully phrased, especially as Travis’ intention is to migrate builds from -> (see this page for details), but they haven’t currently done so (the vast majority of OpenMRS’s use of Travis is on

That said, putting some numbers around this: Last month (Oct 6th - Nov 4th) we used 11,861 mins of build job time on and 1,042 mins on (The information I’m using is publicly available; here for and here for AFAIK, we only use Linux builds on Travis.

Depending on what the blog post actually means, we might be ok with just a small credit boost (13,000 credits / yr would cover our usage of with room to spare) or be in need of quite a large credit boost (closer to 13,000 / mo to cover all of our builds in the Travis ecosystem).

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Sounds like all we need to do is apply for these additional credits with Travis and we’ll be good to go, but just in case that doesn’t work out and just to highlight a possible alternative - I’ve been pretty happy using Github Actions for CI builds for a few projects that I’ve been working on recently.

I’ve started using a standard set of jobs there:

  1. build/test/deploy on each commit to master (and other branches as appropriate)
  2. build/test/verify PRs on each PR
  3. release non-snapshot and update to next snapshot (on manual trigger)

You can see how this is done here:



Travis Support has replied with pretty much what @mseaton said:

Our open source free plans have been updated into a new model, as I’m sure you have seen in these past few days. We have upgraded our free users to a new trial plan that provides 10k free credits.

When your 10k credit allotment runs out - we’d love for you to consider which of our plans will meet your needs.

We will be offering an allotment of OSS minutes that will be reviewed and allocated on a case by case basis. Should you want to apply for these credits please open a request with us stating that you’d like to be considered for the OSS allotment. Please include:

Your account name and VCS provider

How many credits (build minutes) you’d like to request (should your run out of credits again you can repeat the process to request more or discuss a renewable amount).

Yeah, expected.

@permissionerror what do you need to actually apply for it? I think you have an openmrs email by now, do you have travis admin or something?

They haven’t mentioned anything. I don’t think I need any extra permissions to apply, just being in the GitHub org would probably be enough.

Are we already looking to apply for the minutes? I’m not sure whether or not they’ll require us to migrate our repos from to first. In order to migrate, someone with GitHub org admin permissions will need to do it on travis’s panel (@dkayiwa/@burke/@cintiadr?). Docs are available here

We received from them this:

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused due to delays in processing your open-source credit request while we made improvements to the platform.

Open source has always been and always will be at the core of what Travis CI stands for. After reviewing your open source qualifications, I am pleased to notify you that 25k credits were added to your account allowing you to resume running OSS builds. When your credits begin running low again, please reach back out to the Support team.

Credits Consumption Metric OS. # CREDITS PER STARTED BUILD MINUTE Linux. 10 Experimental FreeBSD. 10 Windows. 20 MacOS. 50

Well, that’s a nice buffer to have. Everything that was building on has been migrated to GitHub Actions and we only have a handful of projects still building on I’m not sure 25k is going to last us very long though.

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If you used something like GitLab CI – you an get around the limit bu running your own CI runner. Not sure if Travis has such a thing though.

Or use GitHub Actions with your runner?