travis ci-error Expected feature release number in range of 9 to 14, but got: 8

Made a pull request and ended up with this error When I looked around the solution offered was to change jdk specification from oracle to openjdk of the .travis.yml file…Any way forward? @raff @dkayiwa

Does this help you?

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@cintiadr it helps…though I don’t think I have the privilege to change the yml file of this repo…so maybe you could help me or @raff or @dkayiwa

You certainly do, just like any other repo the way to change it is to create a fork and create a pull request.

@cintiadr if you add this line on top of travis you can use oraclejdk8

dist: trusty


Given the fact that trusty is EOL a while ago ( and our bamboo has been using openjdk for a couple of years, I’d strongly recommend to not use that option.

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