Travis CI build

I’m stuck and failed to solve this. please help. @gcliff, @jwnasambu

@gracebish what are you trying to do and what changes did you introduce ?

The Travis Ci build failure came after making the first commit and even when i made the second commit. It has just come to my notice that i have to build openmrs core on Java 8 and 11 without changing the release.

Openmrs platform is running on Java 8. What you are expected and you have done is to upgrade it from Java 8 to Java 11 basing on the PR made. I suppose the issue is how to handle the travis failures. Kindly check on the error log to see where the error is originating from.

@gracebish I think the build is failing because the javaCompilerVersion has been updated to version 11 yet we are still running version 8 basing on Travis Is there a way we can cause Travis to build this on both version 8 and version 11?

@gracebish when you check on the travis.yml you should be able to see this

try to fix the required version and share the output please.