Translations to French in custom WebApp(Resolved)

Hello !! Am trying to come up with a translation in a custom module that has a custom registration app similar to ours in openmrs but of different language, but this app is supposed to be fully in French. I realize there we might not use OMRS transfix in this custom module because going transfix way will require more resources.

One way was to translate JSON files to french as it was done here, However, some change pages change ,some don’t change as seen here

Is there any way that has been developed for translation to be done globally code-wise other than changing the JSON file to french? Could I be missing something? cc @dkayiwa @pwargulak @ruhanga @mozzy

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This has been resolved. :wink:

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you can share what helped you too

Well, Translations with modules that are not part of openmrs require more work since openmrs architecture uses Transfix. You need to create a config file in your module as it’s done here

[main] host =

[OpenMRS.openmrs-core] source_file = api/src/main/resources/ source_lang = en = api/src/main/resources/

This should be java related module where you will create messages. property file and define all your translations where transfix will be like a provider.

However, on my side, I had to do things manually with my owa module. Basically, i defined all JSON files that I want to render the patient registration page.

But i realized the best modular way is to add.

  1. react-i18next dependencies
  2. Configure i18next in .js class

Note sure how this is being archived in OMRS 3.x which am looking into. But that helped us move as looking into a better configurable way.