Translations are not showing

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(Vicente Bermúdez) #1

I have translations for a module. I created the file and added it to the module’s resource folder. Everything has been translated but when I choose the “spanish” at the bottom of the page my translations don’t show up. Why is this? How can I add my translation?

(Ali Habib) #2

Hi Vicente

Have you added the locale and the name of the translation file to your module’s config.xml file? See below for what this looks like:


You’ll need to add an additional messages tag for the es locale and file.


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(Vicente Bermúdez) #3

Ah. I had written this: <lang>en</lang> <lang>es</lang> <file></file> And I changed it to: <lang>en</lang> <file></file> <lang>es</lang> <file></file> And it worked. Thank you!

(Wyclif Luyima) #4

I know it works for you but the correct thing to do is to define each lang and file in a separate messages tag as seen below