Translation to PT dont get "special char" like "~ or ´"

Hello, i have some message in my module in portuguese that i want to translate, i got the file messages_pt for example this one: dermatology.lesionmapping.title=MAPA DE LESÕES

But i see this on my server Capturar

I got on my config.xml the message in portuguese


My browser runs in UTF-8 and i am portuguese…, can someone help me?

What is your database’s character set and collation?

char set “utf8” and collation “utf8_general_ci”, but i dont understand why you me asking that, message file are saved on the database?

Is your module some where like on github for us to have a look?

@meizzz switch your message properties files to the UTF-8 encoding. For instance if you are using Eclipse, right click on the file in Package or Project Explorer and select “Properties” from the menu that pops up. At the bottom of the properties window, you will see the “Text file encoding” where you can change it from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8

Do not forget to edit some of your text back to their UTF-8 equivalent, after switching.

Then compile and install the module.

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It worked!!, i though that the files were already in UTF8, thanks!!

If the files were already in UTF-8, that means you have not made any change for it to work.

i use intellij, but it was on char set of “windows something…” changed to utf8 and solved the problem, thanks again btw