Translation of patient attributes in bahmni-mart


We are trying to set up Bahmni-Mart for an implementation using Bahmni in French. Bahmni is configured in English with French locale translations.

In bahmni-mart/metabase, we are not able to display person attributes (found in the person_attributes table in mart) in the French locale. We tried setting “locale”: “fr” for the person job in the bahmni-mart.json file, but this did not work.

Is there another config we are missing?

@binduak can add here

But I doubt we ever had that. Person Attribute translations are more of a front-end resolution in the app, as there is no multilingual support for the definition in OMRS model

Thanks @angshuonline. As a workaround we can re-create the translation in Metabase when needed (either with SQL or some of the Metabase functionalities)

@binduak let us know if there is anything to add.