Translation into French

We need translations of these strings in French. Any help on this is appreciated.

Thank you :blush:

See here:

Could you share more details about those marked with a question mark?

Also I’m not 100% sure about how to translate ‘Patient note’…

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Hey @haripriya is this related to use of transifex.

Thank you @mksd for your great work :blush: I added more details next to the question marks over here

I am not really sure about it

In regards to those two:

  • Condition UI Module
  • ConditionUI Reference Application

Already in English they are not consistent with each other, and I would assume that both are incorrect, it should be ‘Conditions UI’ (plural), so:

  • Conditions UI Module
  • Conditions UI Reference Application

Can you paste a screenshot of where those show up in the app? Out of context the second one in particular really doesn’t mean much.

Also what did you mean by “only in MPI”?

Same thing, can you come up with a screenshot as to where this does show up?

I have updated the file and made it accessible in edit mode (you wouldn’t have to produce a copy anymore), I have updated a couple of things.

My mistake. CoreApps IS in Transifex. This is related to Transifex OpenmrsCore (not CoreApps):


FYI @sharif @haripriya


Thanks @ball for that updates

The strings: Conditions UI Module , Conditions UI Reference Application and From MPI are just being defined in in code-base but they aren’t being displayed/used anywhere in the app.

Just to clarify, translations to the Core Apps module is currently being done by Transifex, so translations should be done there:

(It’s OpenMRS Core itself that is not currently in Transifex, the Core Apps module is there).

If everything is working correctly, translations added into Transifex should be pulled in (nightly?) by the OpenMRS Bot. If this isn’t working for some reason, we can do this manually.

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Thank you @mogoodrich and @ball for your response :slight_smile:

@mogoodrich This link is not working. It’s showing 404: page not found error

Maybe that link is specific to me, not sure… can you try:

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@ball @mogoodrich, should this module not be renamed to openmrs-module-conditionsui (plural)?

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The Condition List code was originally in its’ own module, but was migrated to CoreApps. It does explain this in the README

@mksd And THANK YOU for the translations!

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Thank you @mogoodrich , This one is working.