Translating OpenMRS to Arabic, and RTL languages

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@aqushmaq, I’m moving this to another thread, to avoid diverting the original one.

I’m glad to hear you have done this translation. Which OpenMRS version have you translated?

As far as the specific translations, this wiki page describes (not well) that we use the Transifex online tool to gather translations.

Don’t keep us waiting, let us know what the solution is…

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Agreed, I’d love to hear from @aqushmaq about this. :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael and Darius, and sorry for taking some time to respond. I’ve been slammed with work and projects. I am so glad to see the responses to my reply and will definitely update you about the details. I’ve done the translation based on OpenMRS V 1.9.3 (that was the latest version when I started the project). I know it might sounds outdated but I haven’t download and use V 2.3.1 to test the translation on it, but I assume it wont be a big difference in the context of the translation. Regarding the text direction (RTL), I have found the solution after many trials and consultation, the solution with explanation and guidance will be uploaded to the gethub very soon. On top of that, I’ve developed a module that allows users (physician/nurses and patients) to chat with an instant translation. I used Google translator API to build this one so it’s not very customized, but I tested it with Eng/Ara and it worked just fine. The issue is the license for the API can’t be used under mine publicly so this is an issue might need some help/suggestions.

I know that this is something I should have posted long time ago, but for a reason I was postponing it and unfortunately it took longer than it should. I hope at least this contribution will ass a value to the community- and humanity around the world.

Now I just need to figure out how to run 2.3.1 on my MacBook Pro and test the translation code and module to make sure no changes are needed. I’d say source files should be up in couple of days.

Thanks Ahmad


Hi Ahmad, could you please let us know to do this? I have to convert openMrs into arabic and with that the user-experience have to changed to RTL

@himjain241989 you may want to mention his name like this @aqushmaq :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa thanks for correcting me.

@aqushmaq could you please provide the solution or let us know the way we can convert openmrs into arabic with text redirection to (RTL)

Hi, there are any news about the localization and languages in arabic. thanks for you help.

It looks like he never got the time to do it. Would you like to take the lead?

Hi Daniel, thanks for you offer. I would but the I’m only on German and Englisch. We would like to use OpenMRS for a hospital in Syria. Arabic is the only spoken language. Have a nice time.

I will help with Arabic translation

First Arabic is Right to Left language the first will be with Web UI jest point me the style code for the page and I will start to fix it I jest have hard time with understanding the framework

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