Translating Medications tab

Hello guys, I have been trying to translate the button like Dispensed all, or Accept or Refill all. Can someone help me how I can get to the appropriate area to translate those to French’?


For English

So the French entry may go here Others I think depend on the order attribute that needs further digging

I translated in french but nothing changes i think there is another folder besides the one indicated in the link that I need to add the translation.

Thus I was thinking if i can get to the html indicated in the images above, I can just replace those english words with french translation.

This wiki page tells where to find and conribute to the already-existing shared translations (i.e. in an external tool, Transifex):

This wiki page describes how you’d configure your implementation with translations:

Hey Darius, thanks for the info. Yes i have added the translation in i18n, but they I don’t them translated when I use the french locale, they are still in English. Thus I was wondering if there is a way I can get to the html at the bottom and just replace for example “Refill all” with french translation.

On your machine pleas check /var/www/bahmniapps/clinical/consultation/views/treatmentSections/drugOrderHistory.html (Line 13) has string “Refill All” or key MEDICATION_REFILL_ALL as seen here

Thank you, I am working on making changes, and it is working.

Thank you guys I was able to translate those above to french, but I got stuck when I got to translate the screen below like Admission time or Admission by. I am running v.0.90. I can’t find how to get to this: