Translating distributions under the OpenMRS organization

Continuing the discussion from Translating Bahmni:

FYI @janflowers, @michael

As part of the EndTB project, PIH, MSF, and IRD are imminently going to start translating Bahmni.

Thinking about this, it occurs to me that offering to let distributions do their translations under OpenMRS’s account in Transifex (rather than creating their own) can be win-win:

  • the distribution benefits because it’s a potentially larger group of volunteer translators
  • OpenMRS benefits because it brings more translators into the org, and they may stick around to translate other things
  • each additional translated project under our org builds up the translation database which improves the suggestions that transifex makes
  • If we follow this approach with more distros than just Bahmni, it will nudge us towards having consistent translations across different OpenMRS distros, which is a good thing (since Transifex makes suggestions based on other translations within the project)

(I haven’t looked at the details of how things work, so maybe there are downsides also, e.g. what if Bahmni wants a different set of reviewers for common languages than OpenMRS has, or the EndTB consortium wants to do all translations themselves, and don’t want community-sourced contributions.)

In the long run, I think we should be offering this benefit to distributions (though presumably we need some limits, e.g. maybe just “endorsed distributions” or something like that). And we’ll want to avoid going over whatever limit there is on the free Transifex tier we’re on.

For now I think we (ThoughtWorks + EndTB) will probably end up creating a Bahmni transifex organization in the coming days, and revisit the issue of moving translations into OpenMRS’s space in the second half of the year, once OpenMRS gets more organized about distributions.

That said, if others in this group think it’s okay to pilot this idea by putting Bahmni translations directly under OpenMRS in the coming days, we might want to try that approach.

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FWIW, I support this happening in the OpenMRS organization within Transifex. Of course, we are still missing our point person on this who would normally be the person to make the decision, but I still think it’s a solid plan for the reasons you outline above.

Does anyone else have an opinion on this? I’m likely to action this today, and if Michael and I agree on this, I’ll consider doing this in the OpenMRS org as an option.

I’m OK with moving the project to another Transifex org if we find something isn’t working, but might as well start this way and see how it goes. :slightly_smiling:

We have gone ahead and set this up. We’ll see how it works out and report back.

(Thanks @michael for the responsiveness!)