Translating Bahmni modules - Acronyms meaning

There are several abbreviations and acronyms in Bahmni modules and without knowing the meaning I could translate them wrong. Could someone please post a list of acronyms and abbreviations with meanings?


Some of these are from OpenMRS terminology, and some might be from Bahmni itself.

Some OpenMRS terminology is here:

Can you please provide a list of terms you are struggling with, and maybe someone can reply here itself?

Grupreet, It remains only 110 lines in endTB Concepts module. In general they are acronyms of substances, but as I can not be sure, I ask, please, help to indicate the meaning of abbreviations and acronyms. You can use the Comments Tab into Transiflex to indicate the meaning.

@nilo, thanks!

You don’t need to translate the “endTB”-related resources, as these aren’t part of the main Bahmni product.

Well, it’s already done. OK, could you please pull all the translated modules to the aplication?

Thank you @nilo. I have created card in Mingle to track this:

Thank you Gurpreet. Please, let me know once the portuguese language is released.