Translate Spanish(es) translation value in Vitals.

I am working on this ticket Log in - OpenMRS Issues But according to the es.json file in the vitals app all the vitals have translations.

@hadijah315 @jwnasambu would like some more clarification on which es.json to translate.

Also when I am trying to push the changes I have made but getting this error @dkayiwa

@suubi7 Am so sorry I can’t tell which keys to be translated but I believe @hadijah315 could be of help. Concerning this

It looks like there might be an issue with the pre-push hook in the project’s Husky configuration. The husky - pre-push hook is a script that runs before a git push is executed. In this case, it’s exiting with code 1, indicating an error.

To troubleshoot this, you might want to check the logs or output from the failed command to get more details about what went wrong. It could be related to a test failure or some other issue specific to the @openmrs/esm-patient-appointments-app module. The command to run the tests are:

  1. yarn verify to test the entire package
  2. `yarn turbo test – (file name) to test a specific file.

I have cloned the patients chart app again and run yarn verify to run test one test fails even before I make any changes Error Log before making Changes -

After my changes this is the error log not quiet sure where the error is coming from Error Log after changes -

@jwnasambu @dkayiwa @ibacher @dennis

Which version of node do you have?

I use v21.1.0

Does it help if you downgrade to 18?

@dkayiwa you mean v18.0.0 or the latest v18.18.2?

Anything that starts with v18

@dkayiwa I have tried various versions of node from v18 to latest but still errors are there. Though the number of successful tests increases to 48 successful.

for version v18 only 47 are passing.

Do the number of successful tests change as you move through the various versions of the 18.x series?

@dkayiwa yes with the v18 versions the highest successful tests were 47

you can also use this to seamlessly swutch btn node versions.

@thembo42 Yes been using this all the while.

@dkayiwa @thembo42 @jwnasambu Finally got a solution to this problem

All tests must pass locally before pushing the code. So i had to run this command yarn turbo test --concurrency 1 which run all the tests successfully and when i pushed the changes the error didnt showup. The generic yarn turbo test that is in the documentation was crushing thats why i used yarn turbo test --concurrency 1

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