Transifex: Some of the Bahmni messages are missing?

Hi guys,

In the process of translating some of the Bahmni components into Khmer language, I notice that some messages seem to be missing in Transifex. For instance, I can not find where to translate the ‘Observations’ string that shows in the Clinical App/ Consultation screen. The i18n code for this is OBSERVATIONS_BOARD_LABEL_KEY and it is not present in the Transifex file:

Note: The OBSERVATIONS_BOARD_LABEL_KEY message is present in Bahmni Apps module but only in the clinical/locale_fr.json:


(Q) How to make this message (and others) available in Transifex?



Hi Romain,

I can find that term which I already translated in the Clinical App (search using CONCORDANCE), however it is associated with VISIT_TITLE_OBSERVATIONS_KEY


Hi @mksrom,

Yes… I agree with you. Because we have two sets of translation folders in Bahmni. One is specific to UI module and the other one is specific to configuration.

This key is specific to default configuration

UI module translation files - Default-config translation files -

So the key value pairs that you see in Transifex file are specific to UI module. We are not maintaining default-config locale files in Transifex. So if you want to translate keys in configuration specific locale files then

  • You have to manually downlaod json file from default-config repo
  • Translate all the keys
  • Rename it to locale_lang.json eg: locale_kh.json
  • Add this file in the i18n in the bahmni_config folder in your Bahmni server.

Hope this helps.

OK thanks. I understand now.

Then why messages such as OBSERVATIONS_BOARD_LABEL_KEY and many others are considered config specific, rather than brought in Bahmni Apps?

(That is almost 1/3 of strings that are not translated through Transifex then)

Or could we push default-config to Transifex ? :slight_smile:

Hi @mksrom,

Bahmni has many implementation configs like endTB, JSS, Possible…etc along with Default Config. And each config has their own set of translation keys. I think this is the reason why we are not maintaining default-config in Transifex. Please check Hospital / Implementation Specific section in this wiki page to see the list of the implementations that Bahmni supports.

Thanks a lot for the explanation. We will then go with for a “manual” translation of JSON locale files our Bahmni config for Cambodia.

@binduak, since many implementations will start from the default config, perhaps we should put it into transifex.

That way we can have a starter set of translated labels and lower the effort for implementations that are happy with those.

-Darius (by phone)

@binduak, @darius, that would be great ! We will very soon (like next week) be in the effort to translate parts of the default-config and having it in Transifex would be very useful for us to: 1/ Being able to use Transifex to actually translate the messages 2/ Give back to the community all the effort made here

If there is anything we can do to help, let me know.

+1 to the suggestion of putting default_config on Transifex. I also think it will be helpful. We should also update the Wiki documentation on Translation, to indicate that default_config exists in Transifex… yet explain how people should copy from default_config while creating a new config for their implementation.

I believe that @binduak is working on this, and I guess will update us with progress.

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Hi @mksrom, I have added all default-config locale files to Transifex under default-config category. You can start translating them.:slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @binduak! That will help a lot.


Just one question, you have named it ‘Default Customization of Admin app’, shouldn’t we keep the current naming and use ‘Default Configuration of Admin app’ instead?

Good to hear that.

I have taken this name as a reference from endTB locale files. I thought it would be good if all implementation specific config locale files share same common name.:slight_smile:

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