Transifex: Some of the Bahmni (en) messages seem corrupted

Could someone please confirm this?

Clinical app State cannot be started earlier than current state --> Date cannot be started earlier than current date Program cannot be ended earlier than current state --> Program cannot be ended earlier than current date

Orders app Login1 --> Login

@ouiliam “state” is the correct word. We mean “state” as a synonym of “status” and this has to do with program enrollment dates.

OK thanks, what about these:

Default Customisation …Registration app Asthama spelling mistake, should be ASTHMA

Clinical app PatientInformation missing space

@ouiliam, you’re right, these are mistakes.

Can you see if there’s a way for you to comment on (or fix) these in the Transifex tool? (See the Translating Bahmni wiki page.)

from what I understand the dev team must do this

I have added comments, but may only be visible for Khmer group (KM)

@ouiliam, you’re right, it turns out that only the dev team can fix typos in the English. @binduak is going to take care of this.

Hi @ouiliam,

I have fixed this in default-config repo and you can see the same in Transifex locale file (It will take one day to reflect the changes). Please feel free to send a pull request to default-config repo if you find any typos in English locale files so that somebody from team will review and merge. Thanks for pointing it out.

Thanks @binduak and @darius