Transifex review process & request to join

Hi everyone!

During several last weeks I’ve contributed to Ukrainian and Russian translations of OpenMRS on Transifex. Both are my native languages. Recently I’ve noticed there are no reviewers listed for either of them.

I’m curious, how does the review happen in this case? How can, for example, Russian translation have so many accepted strings but no reviewers listed?

And also, I’ve read some things about becoming a reviewer on this Wiki page. Even though seems like I don’t fall into any of the second requirements (except for submitting more than 100 strings, but they aren’t checked), I’d be happy to contribute by reviewing translations if you consider any of my languages uncommon enough.


CC: @c.antwi @darius @mogoodrich

@lana Its really encouraging to have someone like you going through openmrs documentations and pointing out what can be done better. If you can improve on something go a head after all we/you inclusive are striving to make openmrs the best open source.
cc @cynthia

Even I’ve made translations to Hindi language :smile:, 119 strings to be precise at the moment. But there are a lot of strings unreviewed too.

I read about being a reviewer from the site @lana mentioned and neither do I fulfill the requirements. According to me, its better if the current pending strings are checked first instead of translating more. There hasn’t been any reviews since June, July being an exception with 7 reviews.

Another point that I wanted to mention was why is there two options was Hindi language (one being Hindi while other one is Hindi(India)). Hindi language is not different as English is (UK and US). So instead of divide the contribution, I believe it’s better to work under one name “Hindi”. If you want @jwnasambu I can create a new topic based on this. :smiley:

This is the beauty of having GCI and GSoC and we are glad to have you all on board. Do your part faithfully the rest will be sorted out. Concerning the review process our PM @c.antwi is doing a follow up on each openmrs projects Transifex inclusive. So don’t limit yourself on what to do.
cc @burke and @c.antwi

I’d also appreciate taking a look at the translations in the CIEL concept dictionary, too! Although that might be better for a medically-trained person. Thanks for all your contribution!

Is it also hosted on Transifex? I cannot find anything except for Bahmni and OpenMRS itself there.

No, Transifex is for the code messages only. Not the concepts for CIEL which I manage. You would have to do that offline using the dictionary.