Transferring the system

Hello, I am just getting started but first I have one simple question.
I have been asked to create a simple premise-based EHR system for a solo medical practice (plastics) with one staff member. I have settled on using OpenMRs.
The problem is, I am working four hours away from the practice. Can I build the system on my computer and then move it to theirs? In terms of memory and file size - how much room do I need on my computer and could I burn it to discs when its time to implement it? Thank you!

Hi Laura,

The war file you download and the required supporting software aren’t that big, it’s the database that’s likely to grow big, so yes you can setup the instance on your machine just to have the OpenMRS configurations right but you would need to export the database if it’s to reside on a local server at the clinic. The database dump containing just the user accounts and required metadata to run the system should be able to fit on a portable drive.


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About the memory, for a smaller clinic with a single staff member probably you might not need that much memory.

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As Wyclif says, yes, it’s possible to build the system on one computer and transfer it.

In general you probably should try to follow some more modern software deployment practices than this, i.e. ensuring that your deployment process is repeatable and testable.

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Thank you, I may also purchase a new machine for the clinic and completely build it at home, then move everything over. As you mentioned, yes, it is a small, solo practice, which is the only reason I have accepted the task. I am four hours driving distance away, but have a long standing personal connection with them.Their objective is to move from paper to EHR, (not concerned with meaningful use), and use it for about 8 more years until they close to retire. Hopefully, I can manage this with few on-site visits once it is installed in the practice. Very helpful to know there are so many helpful people here as I go forward. Thank you!