Transfer errors on eclipse <dependency>

I encountered several dependency failure to transfer errors and i have failed to resolve them. I tried to run mvn clean install and to refresh the page in vain.

These are the failures. This is the eclipse page Please advise on how to deal with the failures.

You can try running mvn clean install -U , or else you can also share all error log using

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@gracebish Sorry about this! the error you are getting is due to failing to import the entire project folder to eclipse. I will suggest you delete the exiting project in the work space then import the project a fresh and ensure you select all before clicking finish.

Thanks @jwnasambu. I deleted it and tried to import it again and this is the error i get.

Kindly go a head and click ok an share the output

This is what i get

Go to your maven repository directory:


Look for mysql folder and navigate to:


In here you will find a file called mysql-connector-java-5.6.0.pom.lastUpdated . Open it and check what the problem might be.

If it says failed to authenticate with proxy, this means you have been disconnected from your proxy and try to connect again with a stable internet.

The error you are witnessing appears when an artifact is unable to download and so maven caches it. Try mvn clean install -U with a stable internet connection. If it doesn’t work then you’ll have to delete the maven dependencies or artifacts with .lastUpdated prefix and then again update project dependencies. See here:

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