Tracking Weekly Meetings

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a couple of calls for a place and way to track weekly meetings and the work of different committees, teams, and squads.

We picked up the conversation during last week’s Operations meeting. Here’s what we decided:

  • We revive our practice of updating notes on the Wiki. So Project Management notes are found on the PM meeting page, Product Change Committee notes are found on their page, etc. These pages could have links to recordings as well.
  • We update and maintain the Weekly Meetings page on the Wiki. This has all of the scheduled calls by day. If we want to post something like this on Talk or Slack at the start of each week or you have a great idea for making this information more readily available, let me know!
  • We talked about using Confluence or Etherpad for notetaking. Decision: Project Management, Operations, and Documentation Teams will try using Confluence moving forward.

@jwnasambu, can we take a look at these and related pages with the aim of identifying and putting those in need of updates on our Documentation Roadmap?

Full notes can be found here.