Tracking Sync 2.0 work

Continuing the discussion from Propose a Design Forum Topic - sync 2.0 FHIR Object Mapping proposal:

We’ve noticed the increase in Sync 2.0 work and greatly appreciate all the great work of the @SolDevelo team. Is there a place to track progress & plans for the Sync 2.0 project at a higher level than the daily stand-ups? It looks like the Sync 2.0 project page isn’t being updated. We’d like to help raise the visibility of this project for people that may not be following IRC or Talk daily. It would be great to help the Sync 2.0 team find a way to effectively & efficiently inform the community on the state and plans for the project in a way that not only benefits the Sync 2.0, but also could be replicated/imitated by other projects.

Also, I’d like to introduce the @SolDevelo team to @c.antwi. Cynthia is the technical PM for the OpenMRS Community and leads are weekly project management calls on Mondays ( where we discuss the technical development road map and active projects. It would be great to get weekly updates on Sync 2.0 progress so we can track and help anticipate & knock down barriers to progress. If someone could either join the weekly call or provide @c.antwi with an update prior to the call, it would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

/cc @darius, @dkayiwa, @terry

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currently, I’m working for Soldevelo and leading the Sync 2.0 project. I will try to make our work as transparent as possible.

I want to regularly share our meeting notes from scrum meetings - review, retrospective, planning. Can you suggest me the best place to share it ? Personally, I think about creating new page with meeting notes on OpenMRS wiki in Sync 2.0 project. What do you think about it ?

Moreover, I think that review meeting is the most interesting to you. I see that previously, Sync 2.0 sprint review meetings were recorded - OpenMRS Sync 2.0 Sprint 7 Review. In my opinion, it is a good idea to create meeting minutes and show our work on short videos.

Please let me know what you think.


We are also at Jembi working on Sync2 basically making sure we can have full synchronisation through rest a second supported client of sync2.0

I think sprint summaries like this one could be very helpful; although, since Sync 2.0 is using JIRA for sprint, we might be able to get most of the sprint-level detail from JIRA’s Sprint Report without requiring the additional work of manually generating it in Talk.

For those who aren’t following Sync 2.0 activity weekly, I think they would expect to be able find details about the project starting on the Sync 2.0 project page – i.e., overview, goals, link to roadmap, links to release notes, and information on where to find/follow current status (links to JIRA sprints, relevant Talk threads). In other words, it would be helpful for someone who is interested in Sync 2.0, but unaware who is working on it and its current status & short-term goals to be able to start on the project’s page on the wiki. You should feel ownership of this wiki page and its children – i.e., feel welcome to revise the pages as needed to reflect current information and, if needed, create child “Sync 2.0 Archive” page under which to move any outdated Sync 2.0 wiki pages.

Questions that could be answered on a project wiki page that might not belong on weekly updates:

  • What is the goal of Sync 2.0?
  • Who (people, orgs) are currently working on Sync 2.0? What are their roles?
  • Who is/are the product owner(s) for Sync 2.0?
  • What are near-term and long-term targets (i.e., roadmap)?
  • Where can I find the weekly updates? (this could link to JIRA sprint pages and/or Talk topics)

I agree. Definitely, if you’re showcasing features, it would be great to record them in a YouTube video or hangout and provide a link (putting YouTube video links on their own line in Talk will automatically embed the video).

Great to hear. Are Jembi & SolDevelo teams communicating/coordinating efforts?

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Hi everyone, My name is Amanda BenDor and I am the Global Goods Community Manager on the Digital Square Project at PATH. The OpenMRS Sync work led by Soldevelo is funded through Digital Square as part of our Open Proposal Process. The full proposal submitted for this work can be accessed here -
It is great to see that Jembi is also working on the Sync. I’d like to learn more about that work and how we can synergize those efforts with the Soldevelo work. @c.antwi if you would like us to talk about the OpenMRS Sync work at an upcoming management meeting, please let me know. I or one of my colleagues can join and give you an update as needed. Cheers, Amanda

Hi There

I am Cynthia , TPM for OpenMRS. I am urgently looking for the update page for this project? If you have not created the reporting channel as per what @burke was suggesting, could I be of help? @k.joseph where are you providing your updates as well?

I would be happy to hold a call in the next few days to work on this.

cc/ @janflowers @darius @terry

Hi @abendor

Yes I think we definitely would love to hear more about this great project and how best we could make it more visible. Our calls are usually Mondays at 6pm UTC+3 . Is this time suitable for you?

@jslawinski would you be able to attend this meeting as well ?

Regards C

Hi Cynthia,

My colleague @simba and I will be happy to join you to talk about this project. I can speak more about how this work came through Digital Square and Solomon can talk about the more technical aspects of the work which Soldevelo is leading. It would be great if @jslawinski could join the call to offer their insights since they are the lead developers on this activity.

I can be available on the 12th or 25th of November at 6pm UTC+3 for the call. Please let me know what will work everyone else.



unfortunately I will be traveling, but I hope @kmadej will be able to join and answer to your questions.

Thank you!

Regards, Jakub.

Hi @abendor , @kmadej and @jslawinski.

Will schedule a slot in our next project meeting November 12, at UTC +3 .

cc @burke @darius @ssmusoke @terry @janflowers

We look forward to the discussions


unfortunately, November 12 is a public holiday in Poland. @simba @abendor should answer to your questions. I can join the call on 19th or 26th of November if needed.

Regards, Kamil

Why don’t we plan on the 26th since this upcoming Monday is a holiday.

Thanks @kmadej for the update. It would be great to have a member from the SolDevelo team join the call. As such we will move the call to November 26th 5pm UTC.

@abendor Please confirm that this time will work for you.

Regards Cynthia

This time works for @simba and I to join. Will you share the dial in details? Thanks and looking forward to discussing!


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Hey @abendor and @simba. The call is confirmed for Nov 26.

The time has changed (sorry for this… some confusion around DST caused this). The meeting is now scheduled for 3pm UTC on the following platform:

Audio, Chat, & Screen Sharing (latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other WebRTC-compatible browser)

Audio Only (Telephone or your favorite VoIP client)

Thanks so much Cynthia. How long will we have on the agenda to give an overview of the project? Do you have any other information about this meeting to share? Looking forward to connecting at 3PM UTC on November 26 (10 AM EST). I know Daylight Savings can be quite confusing!

Hi @abendor So this is usually the call that I chair. I have allocated about 20-25 min for your discussion. We usually follow this agenda

We would like to hear more about the project, where we could test the modules and how we could make the project more visible within the community.

Looking forward to the discussions

We’ve updated the project starting page -

If you have any suggestions please write.

Hi @kmadej Thank You so much!