Tracking Progress of the OCL for openmrs

Looking at our Reference Application 2.10 Realse Road map, we would want use the OCL in the reff app. This thread is meant to track and allign the on going development on the OCL-fo- Openmrs with the ReffApp 2.10 Release Activities as the release is sheduled later this August 2019

cc @dkayiwa @darius @akanter @c.antwi @cintiadr

Will all the work on the OCL be able to get completed by june ,before we start the alpa and beta releases ??

cc @dkayiwa @darius @akanter @cintiadr

Is this end of June? We would need to have a target date and an integration steps also identified in the backlog with dates.

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@mozzy, please do clarify the date expectations. Is the final release targeted for August, and thus there are important process steps in June/July?

I talked with @cintiadr on today’s catchup with Andela, and the plan is that (1) she is going to do a little bit of TPM support in making sure we have all of our remaining work and dependencies written down, and (2) we’ll discuss next Wednesday whether we can hit this timeline.


Wrong Cintia, @darius :smiley:

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Oops. I mean that I talked with @c.antwi :slight_smile:

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yes exactly. the final release is targeted by Late August 2019. So we would want to start on the beta and alpha releases around mid July possibly. So we would want it that all work be finished atleast by mid July if thats possible anyway, but we can adjust accordingly

cc @darius @akanter @c.antwi

Hello all, could we have this project finished and finalised up by july/2019 depending on the current progress. Unfortunately i wasn’t able to attend the OCL meeting call last week. cc @dkayiwa @darius @akanter @c.antwi @cintiadr

Hi @mozzy we are trying to get it out much sooner than that at least for the MVP.

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That sounds good news .

Hi @c.antwi, any updates on the OCL ??

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Hi all , given our timeline , as the release team , we are hoping to have the alpah release of the reff app2.10 in a period of a maximum of 2 weeks , that is around mid october. In the previous days ive been so buzzy with alot of work around growth charts feature ,conditon feature and some other release related work that i have not been following up OCL to the details.
Given our time line above, What is the actual status of the OCL ?
i last followed up when the project was going through testing phase and i understand some results came out , and some bugs were worked on. Can we have the MVP of this project in a week’s time ,or rather we push this to a minor release of the reff app2.10 ? @c.antwi @akanter @darius @cintiadr