Tool to get Openmrs JVM metrics on bahmni instance

Is Anybody using a tool to understand the JVM metrics of openmrs server?? We have tried JMX exporter to get the metrics(using Prometheus). We followed the steps mentioned in the below repo

GitHub - prometheus/jmx_exporter: A process for exposing JMX Beans via HTTP for Prometheus consumption,

After configuring the changes mentioned in the above links, Openmrs service is up and running on 8050 port. But facing issue with loading openmrs jsp files. And there are no errors on the openmrs.log file

Have anybody faced the similar issue ? Trying to check whether anybody from the community is using any tool to get the JVM metrics of openmrs server. Thanks!

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Hello @binduak at Mekom we also looked into monitoring OpenMRS. I considered jmx_exporter but since we are using docker containers as our method of delivery this presented a challenge since it would require me to either do some extra trickery to run two services when starting the openmrs container or use it as remote agent which is not ideal as per their documentation.

Though I still think I could come back to this and figure out how to make it work at the moment I went with a different tool. This still gives me the metrics I could want to look at. Take a look at this PR

For your question I could’t expect jmx_eporter to interfere with openmrs as it is running as a separate agent. I could’t be surprised if it did though, am not an expert with the inner workings and interactions of the JVM. But of course the first question to ask before looking at what jmx_eporter does under the hood would be does openmrs work correctly without it?