Tomcat: service unavailable

platform 2.1.3 (Enterprise) and use Reference Application 2.8.0 i installed jdk-8u171-windows-x64.exe file from here and also
installed bitnami stack tomcat installer version 8 from here.

I installed platform 2.1.3 (Enterprise) and use Reference Application 2.8.0 when i deploying openmrs platform2.1.3 war file it takeing many times, at the end time it showing service unavailable .

First of all I would like to know whether bitmami stack Tomcat can be used by installing openmrs ? is it working? if it’s worked in bitnami stack tomcat version 8 why it showing error ?

I know I’m not answering your question, but is there any reason at this juncture for you not to use the OpenMRS SDK?
For everything prior to a production use I believe that the SDK is your guy. You would have whatever OpenMRS setup you need up and running in a matter of minutes (assuming you’ve got MySQL 5.6 already installed and that you know your root credentials.)

I don’t know why you would run into issues with Tomcat packaged through bitnami, you would have to share the full log to understand what might be happening.

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