Tomcat rejects to upload the war file

Am trying to deploy a war file via Manage App(Tomcat Web Application Manager) but it pops up a message “File is too large”. Could there be a way to increase the size of uploads within tomcat configuration?

Which folder are you placing the war file in?

In the tomcat folders, which among them are you trying to place the war file

You’ll need to modify the below portion in your %Tomcat_Home%/webapps/manager/WEB-INF/web.xml to be greater than the size of the war file:





Sorry, the XML didn’t get formatted correctly in my email reply:

> <multipart-config>
>       <!-- 60MB max -->
>       <max-file-size>62914560</max-file-size>
>       <max-request-size>62914560</max-request-size>
>       <file-size-threshold>0</file-size-threshold>
> </multipart-config>

You are asking the way to increase the size of uploads and again the error is says the upload is too big.enway which file are trying to upload , or better to share a screen shot @kdaudi

I have managed to suppress the exception after increasing the max-file-size and max-request-size as guided by @sjmckee. I was deploying openmrs war file @sharif, @lgilbert

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so that means you nolonger have any issue concerning tomcat

@sharif the exception has been caught! Thanks

You are welcome sir @kdaudi

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great to hear! tomcat comes with a default file size of 50mbs.It means you have to first know the size of the war file and then increase the size in the folder as above!!.Have you been able to start openmrs after deploying the war file?

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@herbert24 have been successful!. Thanks all devs for your guidance