Token of Appreciation for the SolDevelo team and Rafal!

During the second day of the hackathon for this year’s OpenMRS Implementers Conference, we had a session regarding what things OpenMRS has done best and hence should be carried forward. There was a unanimous agreement that one of the best things that have ever happened to simplify OpenMRS development is the SDK.

Of all the years of existence for OpenMRS, this was the most largely attended conference and hackthon.

Therefore, on behalf of all that attended, this is conveying our token of appreciation to those that have made the SDK what it is now. And that is, the @SolDevelo team and @raff!!! :slight_smile:


Oh yes indeed, excellent work by both @raff and @SolDevelo … I pledge a couple of bottles of Uganda’s finest (take your poison) if we do meet … Your work has made OpenMRS development a joy

Machine Check: 10 SDK servers on my machine spanning across 2 JDK versions, 4 different distributions, 7 different versions of the distros and 6 active Tomcat Ports in use. I only clean out when I run out of space :slight_smile:

No docker yet, but will probably get there

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IMHO, Great work.

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@dkayiwa, thank you for sharing! I’m really happy to hear our hard work on SDK paid off and it turned out to have such an impact! Thanks @adamg, @gutkowski and @tmarzeion, who contributed the most code to the tool! It wouldn’t be possible without Soldevelo’s continued support!

Big thanks to all our users who continue to provide feedback!

BTW we’ve reached 204 active users (who agreed to send stats) of SDK :champagne:



Thanks team!

+100 too! The SDK is everywhere in our daily lives… up to our CI instances :wink:

Many times I have attempted to point newcomers to use it to get their development environments up & running. It should become the official default way to get started with OpenMRS and I wish that whatever wiki/docu/guidelines they fall on would point them in that (painless) new direction.