To contribute to the code of the release build v2.8.1 or to the v2.6.1 on Github OpenMRS android client

I want to contribute to the android client of OpenMRS but I am not getting if I should work on the code of the latest release v2.8.1 or the source-code on GitHub OpenMRS android-client.

Please help me regarding this.

@aryanganotra07 ideally you should be working with the latest code of the latest release which is always up to date with the code hosted of the github repo( OpenMRS android-client)

But the code hosted on it isn’t of version 2.6.1?

@f4ww4z Can you please help me out with this?

That’s just because no one has updated the badge in the README. If you scroll down the the Release Notes you can clearly see that the code reflects version 2.8.1.

Thanks @ibacher for your help.

Thanks for the reminder @ibacher , we missed that somehow.

@aryanganotra07 just keep basing your pull requests on the master branch.


Sure sir. Thanks.