Tips for getting started with mobile implementation?


I’m very new to the program and have briefly read the implementation book. It seems that this program is right for what we are wanting to do here in Lebanon with patients, but I wanted some assistance on the implementation of this application on a mobile device. Can the application work without internet on an Andriod Tablet for instance and then once internet is available can information then be sent to the database? Links or other material would also be appreciated.

Thanks, ~Justin

Dear @jtleb, welcome to the OpenMRS community.

I recommend you look into mUzima. It’s an Android client that is compatible with OpenMRS. Although I have not tried the software personally, I have seen some very impressive demos.

You can see what else is potentially available at this page…

I wish you success!


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Another possibility that is not mentioned on the link that @arbaughj shared is OpenMRS 2.x Android Client. (edited: I’ve just added Android Client at the bottom of that list)

You can get in touch with @jslawinski and @kkalfas who can advise you on implementing features needed for your specific use case.

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