Timing for 2018-11-05 Project Management meeting

Daylight Savings Time ends on 4 Nov within the United States. That means that US clocks will move back an hour and OpenMRS meeting time confusion will ensue. As it stands, next Monday’s call would take place at 5pm UTC.

We didn’t manage to discuss/decide timing on last Monday’s PM call, so we need to decide here (before next Monday).

For those who regularly attend PM meetings, which would you prefer?

  • The same as previous years: move PM call after design call (12p US/Eastern = 5p UTC = 8p EAT = one hour later in US, two hours later elsewhere)
  • Anchor PM call on UTC: always before design call (10a US/Eastern = 3p UTC = 6p EAT = one hour earlier for US, same time elsewhere)

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If either of these approaches would cause calendar conflicts for you, please share here so we can get it sorted before Monday rolls around.

-Burke :burke:


Historically, we have help the PM call before the Monday design call during daylight savings and moved the PM call after the Monday design call when daylight savings ends. This keeps the two calls within the same 2-hour block for people observing DST changes and makes the PM call 2 hours later Nov-Mar for people who do not observe DST changes. Part of the reason for this was keeping the PM call before the design forum year round ran into conflicts for several regular attendees (e.g., @darius).

We decided to anchor the PM call at 3pm UTC going forward. The om.rs/pm page has been updated accordingly.

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Thanks for the clarification.:smile:

@burke I still think we need to find out from the people affected by that timing. Personally I am Ok with both 3pm and 5pm UTC . I would suggest that you give it a day to get people’s opinion about what time is best. Otherwise thanks for the update.

Thanks @burke for the update!

Cc : @mavrk , @ykarim250

Sorry you left early and we missed your update on GCI.

@burke are we updating the openmrs calendar to reflect this?

@dkayiwa, looks like Burke updated the PM meeting page. I can update the main calendar.

oh oh so I missed the PM call, my eyes were glued to the calender time.

Do we have project meeting today at 5pm UTC? I couldn’t see anyone at there :frowning:

Could someone please tell me the final time? Is it 3pm UTC or 5pm UTC?

@suthagar23 it is 3pm UTC time

burkeBurke Mamlin/dev/5

We decided to anchor the PM call at 3pm UTC going forward. The om.rs/pm page has been updated accordingly.