Time to upgrade our Travis CI configuration!

TL;DR: If we add sudo: false to travis.yml we’re all set.

Who wants to upgrade the openmrs-core settings for Travis CI’s new infrastructure? Will it be you? :trophy:

Why move to the new Travis CI infrastructure?

  • Our builds would start in less than 10 seconds. The new infrastructure makes it much easier for them to scale CPU capacity which means our builds would start in seconds.
  • Most projects see an improvement in build times.
  • Build caching is now available, which means faster build speeds by caching dependencies. (See http://docs.travis-ci.com/user/caching/ for details how to cache the .m2 directory.)
  • Faster network speeds and container specs.

Full details: http://docs.travis-ci.com/user/migrating-from-legacy/

Thanks for volunteering!


I just volunteered. Do I get the gold trophy? Commit here -


In the case of dashboard – we can’t upgrade, we need sudo to install openldap and initialize it and set things up…I did an experiment and it didn’t work :frowning: I need to figure it out – I don’t know how to do it :confused:

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You definitely do. Thanks!

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@sunbiz, You get that many, I lost count.

Nice trophy… But what does it say at the bottom? @r0bby, too many small ones. I’ll keep them inside the big one that @michael just gave me :smile:

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Yeah, I was too lazy to find a gif trophy for you (sorry) :stuck_out_tongue: