Time to Nominate May's Volunteer of the Month.

It’s now time to put in your nominations for May’s Volunteer of the Month.

Below you’ll find a link to a Google Form that you can fill out and explain why you are nominating that individual.

When considering your nomination, think back on how a community member has been a benefit to the community as evidenced by:

  • Ongoing consistent contribution throughout the year
  • Response to a specific identified need
  • Leading an initiative/ development cycle
  • Other submitted description
  • Contribution is beyond the normal expectations of a community member


Volunteer of the Month

Use this form to nominate someone in the OpenMRS community that you feel has gone above and beyond what is expected of them and has made a positive impact on the community.

Remember that this isn’t limited to someone’s contributions during the month - we want to recognize the overall time and effort that someone spends supporting our community.

Please make your submissions before the end of this month, preferably by 31st if you can!


When you saw this post, did someone in the community immediately come to mind? Chances are they came to mind for a reason!

We are halfway through the month of May and have received only 3 nominations for May’s Volunteer of the Month. Please click on the link to the Volunteer of the Month Nomination Form to make your nomination. There are only three questions (your email, the name of the person you want to nominate, the reason you nominated them). :slight_smile:


Is there someone in the community whose contributions have stood out recently?

Have you been inspired by something a community member has shared or done?

As we come to the end of May, we have 4 nominations for VOM so far and i call upon everyone to click here and send your nominations that will help us break the tie to give us a clear nominee. :slightly_smiling_face:

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