Ticket SYNC-315

I have been working on synchronization module on this ticket https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/SYNC-315 with my changes shown here https://github.com/reagan-meant/openmrs-module-sync/commit/1e3a662145ec94c11de25d2c055c5b8071619dac the problem is that when I run it I end up having these test failures. https://pastebin.com/kSY1hpv4 Any help on what could be the cause of this?

  • Did you first run your changes to ensure that your code works as expected ?

  • Looking at this test i dont understand what you were trying to assert here

Assert.assertNotEquals(childTime, parentTime);

  • And having test failure by default means your code is affecting negatively the existing code :shushing_face:
  1. My code changes are running as expected when i Tested them except the way it has affected the previous tests. 2.That assertion was to confirm that the two generated dates are different since they are different timezones… is there another way I could go about the test?..the other option would be to do the conversion back of the new persisted date and assertTrue…
  2. I cant seem get why this is so…

it fails because you introduced in this statement here

It leads to a hibernate failure because it adjusts the final SyncImportRecord object returned by the method., can you just look for the original statement where exactly time was being assigned to the record ?? Thats where you need to play around with the time.

That assertion is too insuficient , because i deally even in the first place , the two dates were different.

can you look at the ticket description the second time ?