ThoughtWorks Tech Radar Nov 2015 is out

Just an FYI that ThoughtWorks has released Nov 2015 edition of the Tech Radar.

A few interesting ones that jump out at me wearing my OpenMRS hat:


Refactoring the UI to Angular has just started if I’m not wrong, so if a shift is needed better now than later right? But of course in a couple of years it could exist a new kid on the block better (or more fashionable) than React. It’s a tough call.

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While I think the simplicity of React + Flux is awesome, it is clearly not the first to do that. Knockout could do very similar things. ES6 along with Web components is what is most exciting to me. Clearly, a page with more than 50 angular directives is excruciatingly slow. I also feel developer productivity is much better with React than Angular.

I think we should build reusable components in whatever HTML/JS framework hiding the complexity out for other devs. The Polymer polyfill is pretty good and by the time ES6 will be released, we should have definitive take from Mozilla on whether they will continue to depend on a polyfill or build it in the browser.

I urge everyone to look at the Polymer designer - If our platform allows people to customize their EMR in this way, it will solve a lot of implementation headaches in OpenMRS customization that need module development at the moment.


My take is basically that:

  • Angular is good (and a quantum leap over what we were doing before), and there is a good amount of OpenMRS momentum and investment behind it (though @lluismf is right that it’s still early days for us)
  • we shouldn’t jump ship until there is something that is compellingly much better
  • flux+react may be (arguably) better, but not so much better to be worth switching
  • @sunbiz is right that we should keep a close eye on polymer and webcomponents, because when these are mature/ready/supported, these are the most likely next generation path for us.
  • I think we should wait for the ecosystem around them to play out a bit first, because we are not in a great position to be early adopters
  • but if anyone who can do some proofs of concept to show that we could actually do things better than Angular by starting to use these technologies today, if love to see it!
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I actually detest angular…React is worth looking into however!

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