This year's meetings

In addition to announcing/mentioning these meetings:

We should also explicitly mention and reiterate our overall “meeting strategy” for the year, to provide guidance for groups that may be consider who to send to which meeting(s).

(@surangak, @terry)

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Has anybody stepped up to volunteer to help organize it? I’m not going to do it – I have made clear that it’s not something I feel is worth it for the community; but I know it is a lot of work for one person, so please don’t throw it all on @surangak.

I believe if the community REALLY wants this, they’ll step up and help plan.

I don’t mean that @surangak should organize it all (or that you should)! I just mean that we should communicate our overall strategy, which hopefully is a small amount of discussion, that can be summarized in a short paragraph. Since Suranga is the one who made both these posts, I mentioned his username…

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I’m also interested to hear this but I wanted to just say to not do it =) – That’s all. Sorry for being so…forward lately, I care about the community.

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good idea on the strategy for the meetings. My understanding is that there was a discussion on the LT call last week that focused on the different meetings ( we know more now about the plan for Uganda since @surangak was on a call yesterday with the Uganda planning committee).

we will delineate between the meetings ( goals, why attend, outcomes expected) within the next few weeks. Hope that will help. @terry

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Why can’t discussion occur on Talk, asynchronously?

definitely can. I wasn’t on the call last week but will be this week. The notes page should have the discussion that occurred on that call. @surangak can add the comments from the Uganda planning committee call