Third Party Pharmacy Systems

Hi all,

Related to my recent post (Plans for integrated prescribing/dispensing workflow - #3 by ddesimone), at PIH we were wondering what, if any Third Party Pharmacy Systems are in use in the countries using OpenMRS?

Before we plan to add the pharmacy/dispensing tracking functionality we need within OpenMRS, we’d like to investigate whether there are any (preferably lightweight) solutions that could make sense for us to adopt.

Thanks, Dave

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Hi @ddesimone,

As mentioned over the calls and on Slack recently, I can think of two:

  1. Maisha Meds - I don’t know how lightweight it is, @AMPATH people to comment about it.
  2. Odoo - Not lightweight and not specifically about pharmacy, but we need to mention it because of its widespread use, specifically through being the drug inventory system of Bahmni.

Should PIH go the way of integrating with a third-party system, then please note that we at Mekom would love to collaborate on the integration layer. We have already done quite a great deal work leveraging openmrs-eip with our Odoo integrations, there is certainly a lot to reuse/expand on…

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Just a ping again on this… interested in @jdick or anyone at Ampath have thoughts on Maisha Meds… or any other pharmacy system.

Take care, Mark