There Must be A easier way to deploy OpenMRS

I’ve been installing open source software of a different kind for more than 8 years now. However, OpenMRS is different. Tried it on CentOS and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, with Java 1.7 and Java 1.8. Standalone and Platform. No success so far. It has been a couple of days now and I almost on the brink of giving up. There alternatives like OpenEMR and GNUHealth. However, I really want to give OpenMRS a shot.

Maybe the issue is in the guides on official wiki pages? I don’t know

There are modern technologies like Snap, Flatpak, AppImage, Docker, million of package types (deb, rpm to name a few). They allow one click installs or one command installs.

The harder to install the software/system, fewer people can use them, fewer developers attracted to the project, less bugs reported, less potential to grow. All this is interconected.

You didn’t mention what problems you encountered with the installation of openmrs hence not sure how to solve your problem.

You are having tests failures. You shouldn’t have that. Can you pastes the exact tests that are failing and which branch are you building. I’m also having test failures too. Maybe there’s an issue with the code. Trying skipping the tests with -DskipTests=true

Followed the instructions from wiki for developers install. It did work by skipping tests. However, this implies that the installation wasn’t securely and well done. Now I’m facing anothe issue… With legacyui which I’ve copied the omod file into ~./OpenMRS/modules folder.

Could you please share a link to the page, which you used when setting up OpenMRS? It probably needs to be updated.

I’d recommend you to use OpenMRS SDK for setting up a server for development. See

You can also use mvn openmrs-sdk:build-distro command for creating a production ready docker configuration of Platform, Reference Application or other distros…

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