the "visits" tab in patients' dahshboards cannot be viewed unless you have superuser privileges. (bug?)

when I log in as one of the users, the visits tab appears blank:

as opposed to when I log in as admin:

but all other tabs in the dashboard work fine. Even if I check ALL the privileges, still the visits tab appears black until I check the “has super user privileges” role. what are the privileges required to view visits?

The only way I can view visits tab is when the user is a system developer.

The required privilege is: Patient Dashboard - View Encounters Section By the way, have you ever got a chance to see this?

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Actually I tried checking all the privileges. All but the super user and system developer ones. it opened the visits tab but it was blank. maybe I should try in another implementation. I experimented on this too many times maybe something got screwed up along the way :))

Thank you! :slight_smile: